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PATH Foundation NY, Saturday, May 14, 2016

Winning the War
on Addiction
in America

Saturday May 14

Canoe Studios

601 W 26th St #1465,
New York, NY 10001
9:00 am - 5:45 pm

Cocktail Hour/Awards Dinner Follows

6.75 CME credits

Photo Gallery

Braverman On TV: RNA viruses reveal a lot about science of world human brain! DNA fragments from dead? Humans recycled thru animals feces contaminate water etc. Protect w/ hygiene washing hands, cleaning food, less kissing, vaccines, no school when sick, and cod liver oil, zinc, and vitamin d.

Braverman with Chalfie: Master teacher Nobel Laureate Dr Chalfie teacher of light, RNA helix, connectome and the amazing BRAINbow.

Braverman with Marines: Health requires a team behind us as no person is an island! But the secret of our deeper strength is the phrase behind the men "the last full measure of their devotion"! (Abraham Lincoln paraphrasing Jesus - "no greater love than this that a man laydown his life for another"! History then becomes the team behind every person including the history of their family life nation and faith! doctors are often men than can stand alone! Teamwork of the military saves us as even football army has the best team work!

Braverman with Winthrop: With the smartest geneticist in America George McDonald Church Winthrop, professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, professor of health sciences base pair reading inventor thru nanopore decoding, master of aging, lengthening the lifespan of animals, creating new organ transplants, master of metabolism DNA RNA translation, master of science proteins fats metabolism obesity fitness weight loss and cells mitochondria genetics and a world prophet with his Chinese teammate wife!

Rainbow Crown: Rainbow crown of electrons moving at 100,000 miles per second in quantum mechanics! The rainbow secret of healthy diet, eat 2 of each Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet foods! Roy G Biv!

The Nervous System: The brain moves the body like a puppet and is either the 1st or 2nd factor in disease, controlling pain, blood pressure, preventing heart attacks, managing menopause and cardiac arrhythmia, sleep, mood. Balance your brain's chemistry to get the EDGE Effect for optimal function.

Seminar Agenda

Finding Adequate Reward in Life Cover Finding Adequate Reward in Life Cover Managing Terrorism or Accidental Nuclear Errors

The Secret Weapon to Healing Your Brain

Brain Research

The Secret Weapon to Healing Your Brain

The importance of neuroscience in addiction medicine

New York City, May 16, 2015

Earn up to 4.0 AMA CME Credits

Featuring Robert L. DuPONT, MD
Former White House Drug Czar
President, Institute for Behavior and Health

The world's drug problem is changing rapidly with the explosion of prescription drug abuse, synthetic drugs, and an ever-smarter and more abundant global drug supply of both legal and illegal drugs. The growing interest in legalizing some, or even all, currently illegal drugs throws in a new wildcard.

The drug prevention strategy that has evolved over the past century has served the world far better than contemporary criticisms suggest. But we must do better. The search is on for a more effective, cheaper and more humane drug policy.

Brain science can make major contributions to an evolving public health strategy.

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