PATH Foundation NY, Saturday, May 14, 2016

Brain Research

And if it has already pummeled you for a couple of rounds, you can deliver a TKO. In fact, if addiction has already knocked you down, you could even rise from the canvas.
Get informed about the latest breakthroughs in the war against addiction-and support the doctors that are leading the charge!
On Saturday, May 14th, the PATH Foundation NY is sponsoring an all-day conference at Canoe Studios in New York City:
 Neurogenetic and Epigenetic Correlates of Reward Deficiency Syndrome:
Repair of Brain Dysfunction.
That’s a hefty title to be sure, but understandable because the foremost heavyweights in addiction science will be sharing what they know:

Eric Nestler, M.D., Ph.D.

Nash Family Professor of Neuroscience, Chairman of the Department of Neuroscience and Director of the Friedman Brain Institute at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York. Dr. Nestler has spearheaded the molecular basis of addiction, and will be lecturing on the genetic signals underlying it.

Herman Stellar, Ph.D.

Strang Professor and Head of the Laboratory of Apoptosis and Cancer Biology at Rockefeller University, former Professor of Neurology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Stellar and his laboratory team explore the mechanisms of apoptosis, or cell death, and how it impacts numerous diseases, including cancer and neurodegenerative disorders.

Kenneth Blum, Ph.D.

Science Director of the PATH Foundation NY who coined the terms Brain Reward Cascade and Reward Deficiency Syndrome, key concepts in understanding addiction. Dr. Blum has authored and edited over 400 peer-reviewed papers on addiction, and was the lead author of the paper on the D2 gene receptor's association with alcoholism.

David Self, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow and Assistant Professor in the Division of Molecular Psychiatry at Yale University. Dr. Self is a pioneer on the role neuroadaptations in addictive behavior, and has identified critical neurobiological mechanisms underlying drug craving and relapse.

Mark S. Gold, M.D.

Chairman, Rivermend Health Scientific Advisory Board, Director of Research at the DEA, Director of Medicine and Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Florida, and Founder of its Center for Drug and Alcohol Research, Member of the McKnight Brain Institute, Donald Dizney Eminent Scholar, Distinguished Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Dr. Gold is a pioneer in detoxing addicts, and co-inventor of an opiate-withdrawal system.

Cesar Borlangan, Ph.D.

NIH Staff Fellow, Professor of Neurology at the Medical College of Georgia, author of 310 peer-reviewed publications, and editor of several scientific journals, including PLoS One, Brain Research, and JCBFM. Dr. Berlangan is a world leader in stem cell therapy.

Eric Braverman, M.D.

Summa Cum Laude graduate of NYU Medical School, did post-graduate brain research at Harvard Medical School, trained at an affiliate of Yale Medical School, has more than thirty years of clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders, including addiction. Dr. Braverman is the Founder of the PATH Foundation NY.

The conference is so momentous, Michael Botticelli, the White House Drug Czar who was unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate, is promoting its import via a taped message.
The takeaway from the day will be timely information about how widespread addiction is, how it can be treated, and, most important of all, how it can be avoided:

    • 100 million+ Americans have the addiction gene;
    •  In other words, there are a lot of people who are pre-programmed to be susceptible to dependency on harmful substances and habits;
    • Concussions, PTSD, and other conditions add to the millions of addicts.
  • Death of brain cells can be prevented;
  • New brain cells can be generated via stem cell injections.
  • Gene testing identifies those most susceptible;
  • Sophisticated and easy-to-administer scans-3tMRI, and Brain Electrical Activity Mapping and other computerized assessment tests that can be administered in a primary care physician’s office-can pinpoint areas of concern in the brain, and identify those most susceptible.

A cocktail hour and celebratory dinner hosted by former NY Governor David A. Paterson will follow the conference. Highlights include:

  • Michael Botticelli’s video message;
  • Speeches by New York Football Giants Lawrence Taylor and Leonard Marshall;
  • Silent Auction of sports memorabilia;
  • PATH Foundation NY Lifetime Achievement Award presentation to Mark S. Gold, M.D.
  • A violin performance by virtuoso and Emmy Award winner Miri Ben-Ari;
  • Automatic entry for every dinner ticket purchaser into the raffle for a $15,000 Executive Health checkup at PATH Medical in New York City.

Everyone must be armed for the battle against a long-time threat that is on the increase now. 12-step programs and detox centers are terrific, but the best-case scenario is not needing them at all. ANYONE who can increase awareness of this affliction that affects EVERYONE sooner or later, either directly or indirectly, should do so, and should contribute to the cause in every possible way. Toward that end:

  • Please spread the word about the conference to anyone interested in the science of addiction, especially to healthcare professionals and medical students, who will be offered a steep discount to attend;
  • Purchase a dinner ticket-or table-for the dinner ceremonies;
  • Sponsor a portion of the conference.

The PATH Foundation NY is a 501(c)(3) organization, so all contributions are tax-deductible.
The war against addiction can be won, and it will be with your help. For more information, contact the PATH Foundation NY, at 646.367.7361, or visit


The PATH Foundation NY is a 501(c)(3) organization. All contributions are tax-deductible. The Foundation appreciates the support of civic-minded corporations and individuals that makes its groundbreaking brain research possible.

Please choose one of the options below:

Full Day full_day $500
Seminar with Cocktail Hour seminars $450
Luncheon luncheon $150

Door Prize

Each Dinner attendee will be entered in to a random drawing to win: The Executive Health Program - $12,500 value

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Dinner Table for 10

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Door Prize

Each Dinner attendee will be entered in to a random drawing to win: The Executive Health Program - $12,500 value

"Head-to-toe 21st century anti-aging review that finds your oldest part before it finds you"

More information about the program is available at: