project previewThe Body Attacked by Disease.

project previewThe Brain's Garbage Disposal.

project previewDr. Braverman's 2015 Winning the War on Addiciton in America Conference Lecture.

project previewDr. Braverman 2014 conference lecture
  • Each decade we lose 7-10 msec from our brain's reaction time beginning at age 20 and continuing throughout our lifetime.
  • Virtually every pharmaceutical drug affects the heart negatively.
  • Virtually every injury in the brain can be reversed.
  • Ultimately, our culture of health article (add link to this document, see attached) has created a new brain focused society.

project previewGenetic age reversal (ReGen Patent)

Eric R. Braverman and Kenneth Blum

project previewRadiation Exposure and the Case for Increased Potassium Iodide Distribution

Eric R. Braverman, Kenneth Blum, Bernard Loeffke, Robert Baker, Florian Kreuk, Samantha Peiling Yang, James R. Hurley

project  previewPATH Foundation KI Distribution Initiative Letters of Support

David Paterson, George Pataki

project previewREGEN: Rapid Epigenetic Enzymatic Nuclear Repair